Hardware FAQ

View answers to frequently asked questions about Lightspeed Retail supported hardware. Learn about printers, cash drawers, card readers, iPads and Android tablets, and more.

Table of Contents

General Hardware

This section addresses general questions you may have about ordering, returning, exchanging, and setting up Lightspeed Retail hardware.

Where can I purchase Lightspeed Retail hardware?

Currently supported Lightspeed Retail hardware can be purchased online from our online store. Check out the Lightspeed Store FAQ for answers to common questions about ordering, shipping, returns, and warranties.

What hardware should I purchase?

All Lightspeed Retail compatible hardware can be purchased à la carte through our online store. However, because each business has its own unique needs, you should first visit one of the following articles to see the recommended hardware for your business type:

Does Lightspeed Retail sell refurbished hardware?

We sure do! Browse our selection of refurbished hardware here.

How much does shipping cost?

All orders to the continental United States ship for free with no minimum order. We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, US territories, and Canada for an additional charge.

What does the hardware warranty cover?

The warranty covers hardware purchased from Lightspeed Retail if it fails to function under normal use (physical damage is not covered). View the full details of the hardware warranty here.

Is there a way for me to add additional protection to my hardware?

Yes, Lightspeed’s Hardware Protection Plan covers the replacement of Covered Hardware in the event of Accidental Damage and Hardware Defects as described in the Terms of Service.

When will I receive my replacement?

Hardware replacements ship overnight and arrive the next business day (Monday – Friday).

Can I return hardware I purchased from Lightspeed Retail?

Yes, most products can be returned for a full refund. To learn how to submit a return, visit our Return Lightspeed Hardware article.

Can I exchange hardware?

If you purchased the wrong item, you may return the item (if it meets our return requirements) and repurchase hardware as necessary. Follow the steps in our Return Lightspeed Hardware article to return the unwanted item, then place a new hardware order in our store for the desired item.

Who can I talk to with questions about my order?

Contact us if you have specific questions about your order.

I already placed my order, can I add more items?

Once an order is confirmed, you cannot add items to it. Simply place a new order for the additional items.

How do I set up my hardware?

Visit our Hardware page to view detailed setup guides for each piece of Lightspeed Retail hardware. If you have questions about setting up your hardware, visit our Setup FAQ.

Can I use a credit card reader or receipt printer with the Lightspeed Pocket or Lightspeed Pay apps?

In the Lightspeed Pocket app, manual entry must be used when processing credit cards, and receipts cannot be printed.

In Lightspeed Pay, credit card readers and receipt printers compatible with the Retail POS (S-Series) app can be used to process EMV, contactless, and swiped credit transactions, print receipts, and print credit card signature slips.

Printers and Cash Drawers

Wondering what kind of paper to order for your receipt printer? Lost the keys to your cash drawer? All of that and more is covered in this section.

What printers can I use with Lightspeed Retail?

Visit our online store to view which printers are compatible with Lightspeed.

How do I set up my printer?

Setup steps will vary based on the model of printer you have. Visit your specific printer’s support article below for help setting up:

What kind of paper do I need for my printer?

  • Epson TM-m30 and Star TSP100 / TSP650II Receipt Printers3.125″ thermal paper
  • Epson TM-m10 Receipt Printer2″ thermal paper
  • Epson TM-U220B and Star SP700 Ticket Printers1-ply or 2-ply bond paper
  • Can I change the font, font size, or font color of receipts/tickets?

    No. Fonts, font sizes, and font colors cannot be changed.

    Can I add a logo to my printed receipts?

    Yes. First upload a logo to be used for email receipts, then enable print settings on paper receipts. Read our Receipt Setup article for more information.

    Due to limitations of thermal receipt printers, logos are automatically converted to grayscale to be able to print on paper receipts. Since not all logos are designed with this process in mind, print quality of individual logos will vary. We recommend following these tips to help your logo look its best when printed out:

  • Use a high-quality logo image as close to the 50kB file size limit as possible.
  • Upload the logo in .PNG format first. If print quality is not as expected, re-upload it in .JPG or .GIF format.
  • Make sure there is high contrast between adjacent layers as similar colors will blend and definition may be lost, especially with text. View examples of low and high contrast logos here.
  • Avoid gradients as they do not transfer well to printed logos.
  • Dark backgrounds will print as black, and light backgrounds will print as a shade of gray. For plain white, make the background transparent and save the logo as a .PNG file.
  • To test how a logo looks printed, add an item to a sale at the register, then tap ‘More…’ and ‘Print Check’.
  • Learn more about uploading a business logo and printing it on paper receipts here.

    How do I test the connection between my printer and Lightspeed Retail?

    Follow these steps to navigate to the Printer Setup screen & print a test slip to your receipt or ticket printer.

    Can I use my ticket printer to print receipts?

    No, the Epson TM-U220B and Star SP700 ticket printers can only be used to print kitchen tickets.

    Where can I purchase a replacement ink ribbon for my ticket printer?

    Look no further than the Lightspeed Store. Visit one of the links below to purchase a new ink ribbon:

    How can I get help for an issue with my receipt or ticket printer?

    Visit one of the guides below for help solving most common printer issues:

    How do I connect my replacement printer?

    Setup steps will vary by printer model. Find your specific printer on our Hardware page for help setting up.

    Can I use a label printer to print barcodes for my items?

    Yes! Lightspeed Retail is compatible with the DYMO LabelWriter 450 label printer.

    How do I print barcode labels for my items?

    Visit the BackOffice Item List from a computer to print labels to a connected DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer, either individually or in bulk. Visit our Lightspeed Label Printing article for step-by-step help printing labels.

    Can I connect my label printer to an iPad?

    No. The DYMO LabelWriter 450 label printer is only compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows or macOS.

    Where can I purchase labels for my label printer?

    Visit the Lightspeed Store to purchase compatible labels for your DYMO printer.

    How can I get help for an issue with my label printer?

    Easy, just visit our DYMO LabelWriter Troubleshooting guide.

    How do I set up my cash drawer?

    To set up your cash drawer, plug its cable directly into your receipt printer’s ‘DK’ port. If you need assistance, visit your printer’s support article for help.

    How is the cash drawer powered?

    The cash drawer is powered by the receipt printer it is connected to, so no power cable is needed.

    Where can I order another set of keys for my cash drawer?

    Give us a call at 866.300.9175 to order replacement keys for your standard or heavy duty cash drawer. You will need to provide the 2 or 3 digit code imprinted on the drawer’s lock to order.

    Barcode Scanners

    A barcode scanner helps speed up the checkout process by allowing you to scan items to ring them up. This section answers commonly asked questions about this handy piece of hardware.

    What barcode scanners can be used with Lightspeed Retail?

    Visit the Lightspeed Store to view compatible barcode scanners and accessories.

    How do I set up my barcode scanner?

    Visit our Hardware support page to find the setup article for your specific scanner.

    Can I connect my barcode scanner to a computer?

    Some barcode scanners can connect to a computer, but we do not provide support for this functionality. Please refer to the scanner’s user manual for help.

    Can I use the on-screen keyboard while my barcode scanner is connected?

    Yes. Either tap and hold the arrow in the lower-right corner to open the keyboard or, if using a Socket Bluetooth scanner, put the scanner into Application Mode.

    Can I use my barcode scanner to add inventory?

    The barcode scanner can be used to add UPC codes to items or to receive inventory. The barcode scanner cannot add new items on its own.

    What kind of batteries does the Socket scanner require?

    The S700, S730, and S740 all use two rechargeable AA 2000mAh NiMH batteries. Purchase replacement batteries from Socket here. Do NOT use any other type of battery.

    Where can I find the user manual for my barcode scanner?

    Visit one of the links below to download user manuals for Socket Bluetooth scanners, The Mini USB Barcode Scanner, and Zebra DS2208 and DS4608 USB barcode scanners.

    How can I get help for an issue with my scanner or one of its accessories?

    Visit one of the guides below for help solving most common barcode scanner issues:

    Card Readers

    Broaden the scope of payments your business accepts by using a card reader to run credit and gift cards. Here we answer the top questions asked about this essential piece of hardware.

    What card readers can I use with Lightspeed Retail?

    Visit our online store for a list of compatible card readers. All models must be purchased directly from Lightspeed Retail to work with the register.

    How do I set up my credit card reader?

    Setup steps will vary based on the model of card reader you have. Visit your specific reader’s support article below for help setting up:

    Can I run credit cards if I lose my internet connection?

    If your internet connection goes down, you cannot accept credit cards unless you are using a Clover Mini, Clover Flex, or Clover Station device with offline payments enabled.

    How can I make sure that my card reader is connected?

    In the Retail POS (S-Series) app, visit either the ‘Card Readers’ screen or the ‘Diagnostics’ screen to check your card reader’s connection status.

    How can I get help for an issue with my reader or one of its accessories?

    Visit one of the guides below for help solving most common credit card reader issues:

    Where can I learn more about my ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed credit card terminal?

    For the most detailed information about the Verifone VX 520, PAX S80, and First Data FD130 terminals, download the relevant user guide below:

    Note: These terminals are external devices and do not integrate with Lightspeed Retail.


    This section addresses frequently asked questions about using an integrated scale to weigh unit priced items in the Retail POS (S-Series) app.

    Scale integration is only supported on the Lightspeed Retail POS for Android.

    What integrated scales are compatible with Lightspeed Retail?

    The Star Micronics mG-S8200 weight scale is the only scale supported for use with the Retail POS (S-Series) app for Android.

    How do I set up my integrated Star scale?

    Visit our setup article for help setting up the mG-S8200 scale for use with Lightspeed Retail.

    Can I connect my scale to an iPad, Clover register, or mobile device?

    No. The mG-S8200 scale is only compatible with Android tablets and the Sunmi T2 Lite.

    What is the minimum and maximum capacity of my Star scale?

    The mG-S8200 scale can weigh items ranging from 1 gram to 8,200 grams (about 18 pounds).

    What units of measurement can my Star scale weigh items in?

    The mG-S8200 scale can weigh items in ounces, pounds, or grams. Learn how to change the unit of measurement used on the scale here.

    How can I get help for an issue with my Star scale?

    Visit our troubleshooting guide for help solving common issues affecting the mG-S8200 scale.

    Networking Hardware

    Lightspeed Retail requires an internet connection to be able to accept credit cards and sync register data with BackOffice. This section covers frequently asked questions about the hardware used to set up your network.

    What networking hardware can I use with Lightspeed Retail?

    Lightspeed Retail works well with most standalone routers. If you don’t have a router, we suggest using our supported Google Wifi.

    What is the best way to set up my network?

    Check out our Best Practices for Network Setup guide for tips on how to best set up your network for use with Lightspeed Retail.

    How do I set up my router?

    If you are using our recommended Google Wifi system, follow the steps here to set it up. If you are using a different router, consult its manual or contact an IT professional for setup help.

    Tablets and Tablet Stands

    From deciding what type of iPad or Android tablet to buy to taking care of the stand or enclosure it sits in, here we answer common questions about tablets and tablet stands.

    What kind of device do I need to run Lightspeed Retail?

    Lightspeed Retail works best on an iPad (6th gen), iPad Pro, or iPad Mini 4 running iOS 10 or above. Lightspeed Retail also works on tablets running Android v7.0 Nougat and above. Visit our Best Practices for Lightspeed Apps guide to learn more.

    What size iPad or Android tablet should I buy?

    If you plan to use your tablet only for Lightspeed Retail, 32GB of storage is fine. If you are going to use your tablet for other purposes (playing games, taking photos, etc), you may want to consider a higher capacity model.

    Where can I learn the basics of using an iPad or Android tablet?

    First, visit our Introduction to the iPad or Introduction to Android article for an overview of the basics, such as how to download and update apps. When you’re ready to dig deeper, visit Apple Support or Android Help to view user guides and other in-depth information.

    How do I connect an iPad or Android tablet to my network?

    Use the iPad or Android tablet’s built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to connect it to your network wirelessly, or purchase an ethernet adapter to connect via a physical ethernet cable.

    How can I get help for an issue with my iPad or Android tablet?

    Our iPad Troubleshooting guides can help you sort out common iPad-related problems. If you don’t see your issue listed there, contact Apple support directly for assistance. For help with an Android tablet, visit Android Help or the website for the manufacturer of the device.

    How do I set up my tablet stand or enclosure?

    Setup steps will vary based on which stand or enclosure you have. Visit the support article below for your specific model for help setting up:

    What is the best way to take care of my tablet and its stand or enclosure?

    Visit our Best Practices guide to learn the best way to care for your tablet and tablet stand.