Manager Training Index

From opening a register shift to ending the day, everything for managers to get started is here in one convenient place. In addition, managers can also perform cashier functions.

Please note that the Lightspeed Retail POS does not offer an in-app training mode. This index is your complete guide to learning about manager functions on the register. For help training managers on BackOffice features, use the Setup Checklist or visit our BackOffice support page for links to articles about BackOffice features.

Table of Contents

Start Your Day

  1. Start your day by clocking in and opening a register shift so cashiers can ring up sales.

Register Basics

  1. Get acquainted with the iPad.
  2. Learn about the Transactions section of the Main Menu.
  3. Learn about the Cash Management section of the Main Menu.
  4. Learn about the Setup section of the Main Menu.
  5. Learn about the Support section of the Main Menu.
  6. Access other Lightspeed Retail apps, such as Lightspeed Pocket, from the Main Menu.
  7. Connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.
  8. Customize the Retail POS (S-Series) app from your iPad’s Settings.

End Your Day

  1. End your day by printing a register shift report, closing the register shift, and clocking out.

Get Help

  1. If you have questions about using the register, view all of our Register articles or check our Register FAQ.
  2. Visit one of our troubleshooting guides for help solving common register issues.