Setup Checklist

The Setup Checklist in BackOffice covers the basic steps necessary to get a ShopKeep account ready to run transactions. From setting up items, receipts, and taxes to installing the Register app, running a sale, and viewing reports, start with completing the fundamental tasks needed to get up and running in ShopKeep.

Table of Contents

Access the Setup Checklist

From BackOffice, open the Setup Checklist to learn what tasks to complete to set up a newly created ShopKeep account.

The Setup Checklist is only accessible until all of its actions are completed. After all actions in the checklist are completed, it will disappear from BackOffice.

  1. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner to access the Setup Checklist.
    • The Setup Checklist automatically appears every time you sign in until all actions are completed.
    • For help signing into BackOffice, visit our BackOffice Login and Overview article.
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  2. To return to the Setup Checklist from another area of BackOffice, click 'Setup Checklist'.
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    The Setup Checklist covers:

    The Resource Center is also available to help answer any questions that arise.

Add Items

Items represent the goods and services that will be sold using ShopKeep. Add an item to inventory to begin setting up your account.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'Add items'.
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  2. Fill in the item's details, then click 'Save'.

    For an explanation of each field, visit the Add Basic Items article.

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  3. Click the default save option, or click the arrow to select a different save option, to finish creating the item.

    Save and create new | Save the current item, then create a new basic item.
    Save and keep editing | Save the current item, then remain on the details page to continue editing it.
    Save and close | Save the current item, then return to the Item List.
    The last used selection will be remembered as the default save option.

For detailed, step-by-step help with creating items, visit our Add Basic Items article.

Edit Item Shortcuts

Item shortcuts are the buttons that make up the register layout and that cashiers tap to ring up items. Set up a shortcut for the item created in the section above to be able to easily find it at the register.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'Edit item shortcuts'.
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  2. Drag an item from the list to a position on the shortcuts layout panel.
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For detailed, step-by-step help with creating and customizing item shortcuts, visit our Item Shortcuts article.

Customize Receipts

Set up receipts to display the business name, address, contact details, logo, and other business information.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'Customize receipts'.
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  2. Click the 'Business Info' tab.
  3. Fill in as much business information as desired to appear on receipts.
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  4. (Optional) Click 'Choose Image' to upload a logo for email receipts.
  5. Click 'Save' to save changes.
For detailed, step-by-step help with customizing receipts and adjusting tip and signature settings, visit our Receipt Setup article.

Set Up Taxes

Enter the default tax rate which will be automatically applied to all taxable items sold at the register.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'Set up taxes'.
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  2. Click the default tax rate indicated by the checkmark.
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  3. Enter the tax rate to be charged.
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  4. Click 'Update' to save changes.
For detailed, step-by-step help with setting up tax rates or tax groups, visit our Tax Settings article.

Install the Register App

Download, install, and activate the ShopKeep Register app on an iPad or Android tablet to start using a device as a register for your ShopKeep account.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'Install the Register app'.
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  2. Make note of the 'Store Name' and 'Manager Code' listed on the prompt.

    This will be used later and will need to be entered into the ShopKeep Register app during step 6.

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  3. (Optional) If using an iPad as a register, click ‘Email me the link’ to email yourself a link to the ShopKeep Register app in the Apple App Store.
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  4. Download the ShopKeep Register app on an iPad or Android tablet.

    Need help downloading ShopKeep? Visit our Introduction to the iPad or Introduction to Android articles.

  5. Follow the steps here to activate the ShopKeep Register app.

Ring Up a Sale

Run a test sale on the register before ringing up actual customers to become familiar with the checkout process in ShopKeep.

After ringing up a test sale, either perform a return to balance out the net sales amount for that day or exclude that day when running sales reports. Transactions run at the register will appear in reporting and cannot be deleted.

  1. Open the ShopKeep Register app on the device activated in the section above.

    If using an iPad to access the Setup Checklist, tap ‘Ring up a sale’ on the checklist to open the App Store, then tap ‘Open’ to launch ShopKeep.

  2. At the register, tap the item shortcut created above to ring up the item.

    If the item shortcuts panel is not visible, tap ‘Show’ to reveal it.

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  3. Select a tender to accept payment for the sale.
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  4. Follow the prompts to finish the sale, then select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’, or tap 'No Receipt'.

For detailed, step-by-step help with tagging customers, applying discounts, and performing other sales-related actions, visit our Running Sales at the Register article.

View Reports

Use the reporting available in ShopKeep to view information about the transactions run at the register, including the gross sales amount, number of transactions, average sales amount, and more.

  1. On the Setup Checklist, click 'View reports'.
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    The Dashboard gives an overview of all register activity for any date range. Visit our Dashboard article to learn about the detailed information on the report.

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To view all reports available in BackOffice and at the register, visit our BackOffice support page.

Resource Center

Having trouble understanding all that ShopKeep has to offer? Got feature suggestions for our team? Open the Resource Center to find links to support documentation and resources.

  1. Click 'Explore ShopKeep' on the Setup Checklist or the '?' icon located on the Dashboard and other areas of BackOffice.

  2. Select an option from the Resource Center for more information.

    Some options may not be available to all merchants.

    • Announcements | Learn what new features and improvements have been added to ShopKeep.
    • Setup Checklist | Get step-by-step help completing the tasks in the Setup Checklist.
    • Help | Visit the ShopKeep Support site, send feedback to our Product team, and learn how to contact the Customer Care team.
    • Help Center | Search for articles on the ShopKeep Support site.
    • Learn How ShopKeep Works | Learn more about the ins-and-outs of using ShopKeep.
    • Live Chat (not pictured) | Chat with our Support team.
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