Stock Items Export

Run the Stock Items Export to download a copy of your current inventory to analyze in spreadsheet software. This report contains the names, prices, and other attributes of all basic items and items with variants.

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Export Stock Items

Download all of the business’s stock items to a .CSV spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Reports' and select 'Stock Items'.

    To learn how to export stock items directly from the Item List, visit our Organize Inventory article.

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  2. Click 'Export Stock Items' to download the report.
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  3. After downloading, the export is ready to open in spreadsheet software.

Export Explained

Follow along below for a complete explanation of each of the Stock Item Export’s columns. Open the export in any spreadsheet software to filter and organize its data according to your specific needs.

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ID code required for modifying and deleting items with Bulk Management. This also cannot be changed.

Name of each basic item and variant as seen on receipts and in BackOffice reporting.
All variants are listed separately on individual rows with the variant’s item name and ‘Option Values’. For example, ShopKeep T-Shirt – Small Blue.

General inventory grouping used for organization, reporting, and ticket printing.

Subgroup within a Department. Also used for organization, reporting, and ticket printing.

Number that represents an item’s scannable barcode.

Store Code (SKU)
Used to create barcodes for labels printed from BackOffice. Automatically generated and cannot be changed.

Amount the customer pays. For open priced items, this is 0.

TRUE or FALSE. Determines whether discounts can be applied to an item.

TRUE or FALSE. Determines whether tax is charged on an item.

Tracking Inventory
TRUE or FALSE. Indicates whether the system keeps track of an item’s Quantity.

How much the business pays to acquire an item. This changes to a weighted average as the item is received.

Assigned Cost
Same as Cost, but for untracked items.

Number of units on hand. This changes as items are sold, returned, adjusted, and received.
Visit our troubleshooting guide to learn how to fix items with negative quantities.

Reorder Trigger
Low quantity amount that prompts a tracked item to appear on the Reorder Report.

Recommended Order
Quantity required for a tracked item to be considered fully stocked. Also appears on the Reorder Report.

Last Sold Date
Date and time an item was last purchased.

Vendor from whom an item is acquired.

Liability Item
TRUE or FALSE. Determines whether an item is a liability.

Liability Redemption Tender
For Liability Items, this is the tender linked to the item (Gift Card, Gift Certificate, or Deposit).

Tax Group or Rate
The tax group or rate an item is assigned to. If an item is assigned to the default tax, this appears blank.