DYMO Label
for Printing Labels

The DYMO Label software allows you to print labels from a computer to a connected DYMO LabelWriter printer using a spreadsheet of inventory items. Use this label printing method if you are already familiar with DYMO software or prefer to print from a spreadsheet. This article covers the differences between DYMO Label and ShopKeep Label Printing and the steps to print using DYMO Label.

DYMO Label is third-party software that allows you to print labels in bulk from a desktop or laptop computer running Windows or macOS to a DYMO LabelWriter printer. The LabelWriter printer cannot be used with an iPad. If you need help using DYMO Label, contact DYMO directly for support.

Watch our DYMO Label video below:

Printing Labels with DYMO

Table of Contents

DYMO Label vs. ShopKeep Label Printing

There are two ways to print labels for inventory items: via DYMO’s software or from ShopKeep’s BackOffice. Learn about the advantages of each method first to decide which solution is best for your business.

DYMO Label Software

DYMO’s label printing software. Use this if you:

  • Are comfortable working with spreadsheets.
  • Prefer to print using DYMO software.
  • Need to print 1″ x 1.5″ or 1.25″ x 2.25″ labels.
  • ShopKeep Label Printing

    ShopKeep’s BackOffice solution for printing labels. Use this if you:

  • Prefer to print directly from BackOffice.
  • Need to print Butterfly, 1″ x 1″, 1″ x 1.5″, or 1.25″ x 2.25″ labels.
  • Visit our ShopKeep Label Printing article to learn how to print labels from BackOffice.
  • DYMO Installation

    Download and install the DYMO drivers to prepare your computer to start printing labels.

    DYMO Label is third-party software. For help using DYMO Label, contact DYMO directly for support.

    1. Connect the DYMO printer to a computer and load the labels.

      The DYMO printer cannot be connected to an iPad. Visit the DYMO LabelWriter Setup article for help completing this initial setup step.

    2. Download the latest version of the DYMO Label software.

      Do not install the CD included with the printer, it may not contain the most up-to-date DYMO drivers.

    3. Open the file (.dmg for Mac or .exe for Win) and run it.

      The images below are for Mac. Windows installation will look different.

    4. Follow the prompts to proceed with installation.
    5. Click 'Close' to complete setup.

    Download Templates & Inventory

    Before printing, you must download a template for your labels and spreadsheet of your BackOffice inventory.

    Label Template Downloads

    ShopKeep only supports printing Bookspine and Medium DYMO labels via LabelWriter. Follow the steps below to download the correct template so your labels print properly in LabelWriter.

    Purchase labels from the ShopKeep Store here.

    1. Click the link below to download the template for your labels.
    2. Open the download to unzip the label template file.

    Export Inventory

    DYMO Label creates labels from a spreadsheet of your BackOffice inventory items. Follow the steps below to export your inventory and prepare the spreadsheet for import into DYMO.

    1. In BackOffice, click 'Reports' and select 'Stock Items'.
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    2. Click 'Export Stock Items' to download the stock items export spreadsheet to your computer.

      The Stock Items Export spreadsheet lists Basic and Variant items together. Items with variants are listed on individual lines just like Basic items.

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      Steps 3 – 6 are only required if you want to print multiple copies of each label.
    3. Open the export in spreadsheet software.
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    4. Check the formatting of the 'Store Code (SKU)' column.

      Some software converts long numbers to scientific notation. If numbers in this column look similar to ‘4E+11’, adjust the formatting of the cells to display the entire number.

    5. Duplicate rows for items that require multiple labels.

      For example: if you need to print 5 labels for an item, that item’s row should be copied 5 times.

    6. Save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file.

    With all the files installed and downloaded, you’re ready to open DYMO Label and print labels.

    DYMO Label is third-party software. For help using DYMO Label, contact DYMO directly for support.

    1. Open the previously downloaded label template.

      The template file will be named similar to: LabelWriter_[SIZE]_Label-Template.label

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    2. Click 'File', select 'Import Data and Print', and click 'New'.
    3. Click 'Next' on the Getting Started screen.
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    4. Click 'Browse', select your inventory spreadsheet, and click 'Next'.
      • The spreadsheet file will be named similar to: storename_stock_items.csv
      • To switch to a different label template, click ‘Change layout’ before proceeding.
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    5. Check the box for 'Use first row as field names'
    6. Drag and drop 'Store Code (SKU)' into the first field on the label.
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      IMPORTANT: Delete the space after ‘Store Code (SKU)’ on the label or barcodes will NOT scan.
    7. Drag 'Name' and 'Price' fields into the other template fields. Enter your business name in the final field.
    8. Click 'Next'.
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    9. Select which labels to print and click 'Print'.

      Uncheck the boxes for any items you don’t want to print.

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    Purchase labels from the ShopKeep Store here.