Cash Drawer Troubleshooting

This page contains solutions to issues you may encounter while using your cash drawer. From connection problems to losing the keys, follow along below for help.

Most cash drawer issues are related to problems with the receipt printer. Before continuing, please make sure your printer is printing properly.

Table of Contents

“Cash Drawer Failure”

This error message is usually related to a connection issue between the drawer and receipt printer.

  1. Verify that the drawer is connected to the receipt printer's cash drawer port.
    • On Epson printers, this port is labeled with a cash drawer icon.
    • On Star printers, this port is labeled with the letters DK.
    • On Clover devices, this port is labeled with two dollar bills.
  2. Disconnect the cash drawer cable from both the drawer and printer, then reconnect it.

    The cable’s larger end plugs into the bottom of the drawer, while the smaller end plugs into the printer.

  3. Force quit and reopen the ShopKeep app.
  4. If the problem persists, troubleshoot the receipt printer connected to the drawer.

    Take a look at the lights on the printer. If anything looks unusual, visit a Printer Troubleshooting guide for help resolving the issue.

My drawer does not open when I perform a sale or a No Sale.

This issue can happen for a variety of reasons. After each step below, check to see if the problem is resolved.

  1. Make sure the receipt printer connected to the drawer is enabled in ShopKeep.
    a On the Control Panel, tap ‘Hardware Setup’, then select ‘Printer Setup’.
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    b Make sure the printer is toggled on.
    Don’t see your printer on this screen? Visit one of our printer troubleshooting guides for help.
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  2. If performing a sale, make sure you tendered it to 'Cash'.

    The drawer opens for cash sales but not for other tenders, such as credit.

  3. Check that the drawer's lock is in the vertical position (unlocked).
  4. Follow the steps above to check the physical connection between the receipt printer and drawer.
  5. If using the Clover All-in-One Credit Card Reader and Printer, confirm you are using the correct cable.
    • For APG cash drawers, you must use the CD-101A cable. Purchase a new cable here, if necessary.
    • For the Clover cash drawer, you must use the cable that came with the drawer.
  6. Make sure the four rubber feet are attached to the bottom of the drawer.
  7. Place the drawer near the edge of the counter.
  8. If you can open the drawer manually, remove the inner drawer and clear any obstructions blocking its path, then reinstall the drawer.

My cash drawer randomly stops working.

If the cash drawer usually works but sometimes stops, there may be an issue with the iPad’s network settings. If the iPad randomly switches to a different Wi-Fi network, the register cannot communicate with the ethernet receipt printer the cash drawer is connected to.

  1. Make sure the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi network for the router the printer is plugged into.
    • Open the Settings app and tap ‘Wi-Fi’ to see which network the iPad is connected to.
    • If the iPad is NOT connected to the correct network, tap the name of the correct network to connect.
  2. Forget all other Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Enable the 'Ask to Join Networks' setting.
  4. Test the cash drawer to see if it opens.
  5. If the drawer does not open, follow these steps above to troubleshoot.

I lost the keys to my cash drawer.

Don’t worry, visit our online store to learn how to order replacements. You’ll need to know whether you have a Standard or Heavy Duty drawer and you’ll need to provide the 2 or 3 digit code from the lock on the drawer.