ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed FAQ

This list of frequently asked questions answers some of the most common ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed questions we receive from merchants like you.

This article applies to ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed accounts used to process transactions at the register and on ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed terminals. For help with questions regarding online and mobile payments, visit our FAQ here.

Table of Contents

Account Management

This section covers questions about setup and management of your ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed account. Need to set up a new account, update account information, or make your account dormant? It’s all covered here.

How do I get set up with ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed for credit card processing?

Contact us to get a free quote.

You’ll need to fill out an application and submit a voided check or bank letter to verify your bank account details. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with your merchant ID and instructions for running a test transaction in the Lightspeed Retail POS.

Select eligible merchants may see a landing page directly in their BackOffice.

How can I update or change my bank account information after setup?

For all bank changes, you must supply a voided check or bank letter to confirm your account details. Changes typically take 3-5 business days to process but can take up to 7 days for accounts less than 90 days old. To limit any delays, you should provide your long-term choice of deposit account when you first sign up.

Submit your request to our team at [email protected] with one of the following:

  • Bank letter on bank letterhead which must include your complete business name, routing number, account number, and be signed by a bank representative, or;
  • Voided check which must be preprinted with your DBA or legal name (no temporary checks or stickers)
  • How can I change my ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed account information?

    If you need to update your banking information, please see the question above.

    For all other changes, including DBA, DBA address, phone number, ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed email, legal name, legal address, or EIN, you must submit a request to [email protected].

    How can I place my ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed account into dormancy?

    If your business is open seasonally or has to temporarily close, we can make your account dormant for the duration of your off-season if you’re paying month-to-month and are not on a contract. This dormant status is offered at a discounted rate that covers maintenance fees to keep your account’s gateway and processing account accessible, functional, and secure.

    Submit your request to the ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed team at [email protected].

    How can I cancel my ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed account?

    Before you call it quits, consider that we guarantee our rates to be the lowest of any Lightspeed Retail compatible processor. If you get a lower rate in writing, bring it to our sales team and give us a chance to match or beat it.

    If you decide to cancel, give us a call or send us an email to close your account. Only the Business Owner or an authorized contact can do this, so expect to complete a brief security check to confirm your identity.

    Rates & Fees

    This section addresses common questions about the rates and fees associated with your payments account. Learn how we determine processing rates, how to calculate your all-in rate, and how fees are assessed.

    What are your processing rates?

    ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed doesn’t charge a flat rate, instead we use an interchange or cost plus model. We pass along the cost charged by each card brand (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, etc.) plus a small markup for service and support. Exact rates may vary somewhat month-to-month based on the cards you run but should stay within a tight range. Contact us to get a quote for your business.

    How do I determine my all-in rate?

    Accounts set up through Lightspeed Retail use interchange-plus pricing which is different than a flat rate. The all-in rate provides an estimate of the average fee charged per transaction during that month. Learn how to calculate your all-in rate using the AccessOne reporting portal here.

    When do I pay my credit card processing fees?

    Processing fees are calculated on the 1st of every month for the previous month’s activity and are automatically deducted from your bank account as a lump sum, usually on the 2nd or 3rd of the month. Detailed statements are available online in the AccessOne reporting portal.

    AccessOne Reporting

    AccessOne is the online portal where you can view credit transactions, processing statements, and other details related to your ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed account. This section focuses specifically on AccessOne.

    How can I view my statements and processing details?

    Shortly after completing ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed boarding, you will receive an email that includes your username and a link to the AccessOne reporting portal for viewing statements, deposits, and more. Click the link within 48 hours to activate the account. The password you create must be at least eight (8) characters long and contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.

    Where do I log in?

    The Access One portal can be accessed at

    The portal can be accessed via this link only if you know your log in information. If this is the first time you are visiting the portal you must go via the link in your Welcome Email.

    How do I request access to AccessOne?

    If you did not receive an email for access to AccessOne or did not click the link in the email within 48 hours, please email [email protected] to request a new link.

    Batching & Deposits

    To learn about how batching and deposits work, continue below for answers to the most common questions about these topics.

    How do I batch out?

    With ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed , batching happens automatically each night and batches are set to close, by default, just after midnight.

    When do I receive money from credit card transactions?

    Deposits occur within 24-48 business hours of batch closure (by default, batches are set to close just after midnight). Processing fees are billed monthly, so you’ll receive your full credit revenue with each deposit.

    In practical terms, this means sales run on Monday batch early Tuesday and reach your account by Wednesday. Friday and Saturday sales deposit on Monday because banks don’t operate on Sundays. Similarly, when there is a bank holiday (e.g. MLK Day, Columbus Day, etc.), funds are delayed by a day. Click here for a list of federal bank holidays.

    What are ACH rejects and how do I resolve them?

    ACH rejects occur when there is a problem depositing funds to or withdrawing them from your payments account. This can occur for a variety of reasons but most likely because we are unable to debit fees or receive payments, your account is frozen or closed, or there is a debit block.

    We proactively reach out to you to resolve ACH rejects, so please look for an email from us asking you to take one of the following actions:

  • Update your bank account on file, or;
  • Provide confirmation via bank letter stating the issue has been resolved and that we can deposit or withdraw funds going forward
  • How can I check for discrepancies between a batch and my Lightspeed Retail POS sales?

    Discrepancies often occur when comparing a batch’s total to sales from a different day, if a holiday delays the batch deposit, or if there are missing or duplicate charges. If you think there may be a discrepancy, follow the steps below to reconcile the batch with your Lightspeed Retail POS sales.

    1. Run the Dashboard in the BackOffice and check the ‘Sales Tenders’ tile for the total credit sales processed in the Lightspeed Retail POS on a specific day.
    2. Run the 'Batch History' report in the AccessOne reporting portal to view the batch total for the same day.

      Each batch’s ‘Report Date’ is usually 2 days after its sales were rung up, so click the ‘Batch #’ to confirm when a batch’s transactions were actually run.

    3. If the two totals above are different, compare the detailed batch view in AccessOne with the BackOffice Transactions report (filtered by the 'Credit' tender) to locate missing or duplicate transactions.

      If there is an extra sale in the batch, it is most likely a duplicate. Sort the detailed batch view by ‘Card #’ to see if there are multiple charges on any particular card.


    Below we address miscellaneous questions about ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed unrelated to the sections above.

    A customer was overcharged, how do I request a partial refund?

    Most refunds can be done directly through the Retail POS (S-Series) app by performing a return. If you have only one item on your receipt and need to refund a partial payment of the single item, email your request to [email protected] with the original sales receipt and the total amount to refund (including tax, if applicable).

    A customer was double-charged, what do I do?

    Duplicate charges can occur when the internet connection is not strong enough or due to an error in the Retail POS (S-Series) app. To request a refund for a double-charge, email [email protected]. To prevent this issue from happening again, make sure your network follows all recommendations in our Best Practices guide, and regularly update the Retail POS (S-Series) app.

    How can I get help with online and mobile payments?

    Visit our Online and Mobile Payments FAQ for answers to common questions or our Setup article for help setting up online and mobile payments.