Online and Mobile Payments FAQ

View answers to common questions about processing online and mobile payments through ShopKeep Payments. Learn about setup, rates and fees, sales and returns, bank deposits, and other related topics.

This article applies to payments processed via ShopKeep Pocket, Invoices, ShopKeep eCommerce, and the Pay by Link feature using ShopKeep Payments. For help with questions about ShopKeep Payments transactions processed at the register using the ‘Credit’ tender or on a ShopKeep Payments terminal, visit our FAQ here.

Table of Contents

Processing Account Setup

This section covers questions about setting up online and mobile payment processing on an existing ShopKeep account.

What types of ShopKeep accounts are eligible for online and mobile payments?

Online and mobile payments are only available to ShopKeep merchants on paid pricing packages based in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii. Merchants using a free ShopKeep account must upgrade to a paid plan in BackOffice or at the register to be able to set up and run online and mobile payments.

How do I sign up for online and mobile payments?

Eligible merchants will see signup screens for online and mobile payments in BackOffice. Merchants who signed up for ShopKeep before February 8, 2021, can also sign up through the Pocket app. After signup and approval, additional steps are required to accept payments in a ShopKeep eCommerce webstore. For step-by-step signup help, visit our Online and Mobile Payments Setup article.

Do existing ShopKeep Payments customers need to complete online and mobile payments setup?

Yes, existing ShopKeep Payments customers who want to accept online and mobile payments must complete the setup steps outlined here.

How can I make sure my account is set up properly?

After setting up online and mobile payments, run an optional test transaction by ringing up a sale in the ShopKeep Pocket app, paying for an invoice, placing an order in your ShopKeep eCommerce webstore, or ringing up a Pay by Link sale in the iOS ShopKeep Register app to confirm that setup was successful.

Rates and Fees

Wondering what processing rate is charged for online and mobile payments or how that fee is paid? Both of those questions are answered below.

What is the processing rate for online and mobile payments?

Processing rates will vary based on the type of online or mobile payment processed. Visit the BackOffice ‘Online and Mobile Payments’ page after setup is completed to view processing rates for each payment type.

When do I pay processing fees for online and mobile payments?

Processing fees are automatically removed from each payout before it is deposited into your bank account.

Sales and Returns

For answers to questions about processing online and mobile payment sales and refunds, look no further than this section.

What types of online and mobile payment transactions can I run?

With online and mobile payments set up, you can run credit card sales in the ShopKeep Pocket app, emailed invoices and orders placed via a ShopKeep eCommerce webstore can be paid online, and customers can pay for sales rung up in the iOS ShopKeep Register app from their own device using the Pay by Link feature.

These features are only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

Do I need a credit card reader to be able to run credit sales in ShopKeep Pocket?

No. Manual card entry is the only method that can be used to run credit sales in ShopKeep Pocket. Learn how to run sales in Pocket here.

Can customers leave a tip for an online or mobile credit transaction?

Gratuity is supported for Pay by Link sales and ShopKeep eCommerce orders but is not supported for sales run in ShopKeep Pocket or invoices.

Can customers use Apple Pay or Google Pay for online or mobile credit transactions?

Apple Pay and Google Pay can be used for invoices and Pay by Link sales but not for ShopKeep Pocket sales or orders placed via ShopKeep eCommerce webstores.

How do online and mobile payments appear on customer credit card statements?

The DBA, or ‘doing business as’ name, entered in BackOffice during setup appears on customer credit card statements next to each online and mobile payment charge from your business. If you did not enter a DBA, it will default to the website entered in the ‘Business Details’ section when setting up online and mobile payments. If you did not enter a website, the DBA will be set to ‘ShopKeep’.

Learn how to enter or update your DBA here.

Can I refund an online or mobile payment?

Online and mobile payments cannot be refunded from BackOffice, the ShopKeep Register or Pocket apps, or the ShopKeep eCommerce Dashboard. To request a refund for an online or mobile payment, contact [email protected].

Payouts and Deposits

Learn how getting paid for online and mobile transactions works by reviewing the questions in this section.

What are payouts?

A payout is a batch of all online and mobile payments processed on a specific day.

‘Payout’ also refers to the removal of cash from the cash drawer of a ShopKeep register. Learn more about this type of payout in our Pay Ins and Payouts article.

Do I need to manually trigger payouts or “batch out”?

No. Payouts are automatically deposited into your bank account every day with no action required.

When do I receive money from online and mobile payments?

Deposits occur within 24 – 48 business hours of when the transactions in a payout are run. Processing fees are automatically removed before the payout is deposited into your bank account.

This means sales run on a Monday reach your bank account by Wednesday, and sales run on Friday and Saturday deposit on Monday. On federal bank holidays, funds are delayed by one business day. Click here for a list of federal bank holidays.

Can I change the bank account my payouts are deposited into?

Yes. To change the bank account used for online and mobile payment deposits, contact [email protected].


Below we address questions about online and mobile payments that are unrelated to the sections above.

Can I view a summary of my online and mobile payments?

Yes. A weekly ShopKeep Online & Mobile Payments Card Processing Statement email containing a summary of all online and mobile payments processed from Sunday to Saturday of a particular week is automatically sent to the Business Owner email address on the Monday of the following week.