ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed Reporting

AccessOne is the online portal where ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed merchants can view credit transactions and processing statements for the past 18 months, find Trace IDs, keep track of deposits and more. Free portal access is included with every ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed merchant account.

AccessOne reporting covers ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed transactions run at the register and on ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed terminals, but does not include online and mobile payments. Merchants receive a separate weekly statement via email for online and mobile payments, if enrolled in those separate services. Learn more about this statement here.

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Shortly after completing ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed boarding, you will receive an email that includes your username and a link to access your AccessOne account. Click the link within 72 hours to activate the account. If you cannot do so for any reason, please email [email protected] to request a new link.

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AccessOne Overview

Click to visit the Access One Portal

The home page displays a chart of your account’s net volume. Below that you can see tables of Monthly Card Volume in aggregate and by card brand, along with some analysis of the makeup of your sales, returns, and chargeback volume. Each table can be exported to an Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

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AccessOne offers a wide variety of reporting options. Descriptions of each report and a more in-depth look at the most important ones are listed below. When data is available, export the reports to Excel, a CSV, or PDF.

  1. Click 'REPORTS' to view a menu of different options.
  2. Select a report.
  3. A brief description of each report is listed below.
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Payment History | View up to 18 months of deposit and debit information.
Batch History | Keep track of your Batch Summaries, which include batch number, total sales, total returns, and net batch amount.
Voids / Declines | This report shows you a detailed breakdown which includes transaction date, time and code, card type, card number, reason code, and transaction amount.
Monetary Rejects | This chart lists rejected transactions, and information like the batch number, reason code, action, and transaction amount.
Non-Qualifying Transactions | All non-qualifying transactions, their fee rate, the card number, authorization date, reason code, and transaction amount are listed on this chart.
Authorization Log | This report reflects authorizations and transaction amounts.
Returns | This is a list of return transactions with details about the transaction and card used.
Transaction Search | Search for specific transactions by the authorization number, card number, or transaction amount.
Retrievals / Chargebacks | These are the transactions that are disputed by a cardholder or card-issuing bank. The amounts reflect the amount disputed by the cardholder.
Fixed Acquirer Network Fee Reports | These are fixed rates that credit card companies establish and charge for processing.
Merchant Adjustment | Adjustments are the amounts credited to, or deducted from, your account to resolve processing and billing discrepancies. This report breaks down any adjustments you may have had during a period of time.

Payment History

The top chart shows daily deposits for the last 30 days, while the Payment Summary section shows the specific deposit details.

  1. To view recent deposits, hover over REPORTS and click 'Payment History'.
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Trace ID

Each deposit receives a unique tracking number known as the Trace ID. If a deposit shows up on the Payment Summary page, but you do not see it in your bank account, pull the Trace ID and provide it to your bank’s ACH Department for further investigation.

  1. Hover over REPORTS at the top of the screen and click 'Payment History'.
  2. Under the Payment Summary, next to the deposit in question, click 'Report Date'.
  3. Locate the Trace # on the PAYMENT DETAILS pop-up screen.
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Batch History

The Batch History shows up to 18 months of batch details, while Payments History reflects up to 18 months of deposits into your bank account. The Batch Summary includes information such as the batch number, total sales/returns, and the net total received.

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  1. Click 'Filter' to select specific parameters to search by.

    Batch history can be viewed on a monthly or daily basis.

  2. Click the batch number to view a detailed report.

    The detailed report lists each card number and transaction included in the batch.

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Verify transactions by checking the batch for cards used. You can use this to pinpoint a specific customer’s transactions or find potential double charges.

  1. From within the Batch Details, click a card's number to view details about the card.

    View the card history, authorization history, chargeback history, and retrieval history.

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The Transaction Search is a great way retrieve specific customer transactions and verify potential double charges. Please note that you can only search transactions that have been funded to your bank account. Unsettled transactions can be seen in the Authorization Logs.

  1. Click 'Filter' to search by specific parameters.

    Search by date range, first 6 digits or last 4 digits of the card number, the transaction amount, or by authorization number.

  2. Click 'SEARCH' to view the results.
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Retrievals & Chargebacks

If you see an amount debited from your bank account other than your processing fees, it’s possible that a chargeback has been incurred.

  1. Select 'Retrievals/Chargebacks' from the REPORTS menu.
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  2. Choose a Date Range by which to filter the search.

    You can also filter by the reference number, first 6 digits or the last 4 digits of the card.

  3. Click 'Apply Filters'.
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At the top of your screen, click STATEMENTS to view your ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed statements for the past 18 months. Select the reporting period you’d like to view or download as a PDF, then click SEARCH and your statement will download automatically.

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Key Processing Terms

ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed includes definitions of important processing concepts on page 2 of every statement. Review these terms to better understand the totals that follow.

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Adjustments | The amounts credited to, or deducted from, your account to resolve processing and billing discrepancies.

Chargebacks | Those transactions that are challenged or disputed by a cardholder or card-issuing bank. A Chargeback equals the transaction amount that is disputed by the cardholder or card-issuing bank.

Fees Charged | Total processing fees calculated and charged to your bank account for the statement month.

Interchange Charges | These are the variable fees charged by Card Organizations for processing transactions. Factors that affect Interchange Charges include card type, information contained in the transaction, and how/when the transaction was processed.

Merchant Number | The unique account number assigned to every merchant and merchant location. You’ll find it at the top of your statement.

Third-Party Transactions | These are transactions that are passed directly to third party service providers for processing and/or funding.

Total Amount Funded to Your Bank | The total dollar amount of credited/paid to your account during the Statement Period.

Total Amount You Submitted | The total dollar amount of card transactions submitted and processed during the Statement Period.

Calculate the All-In Rate

Accounts set up through ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed use interchange-plus pricing which is different than a flat rate. The all-in rate provides an estimate of the average fee charged per transaction during that month.

Monthly interchange-plus rates can fluctuate based on volume and card types used.

  1. Locate 'Amounts Submitted' and 'Fees Charged' on the first page.

    Third Party Transactions and Chargebacks/Adjustments are typically $0. Contact the ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed team for more information if either one has a balance.

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  2. Divide 'Fees Charged' by 'Amounts Submitted'. In this case, that is: 696.90 ÷ 32,085.55 = 0.02172
  3. Multiply the result of step 2 by 100. 0.02172 x 100 = 2.172%

    The resulting number is the all-in rate. This means each transaction was charged, on average, 2.172%.

Card Type & Batch Summaries

Page three breaks down the Amounts Submitted figure from the first page. Analyze revenue by the types of credit cards used by customers or by daily submitted batch totals.

Summary by Card Type
This section shows the number of sales/refunds, total sale/refund dollar amounts, and the net amount submitted. See how much came in from MasterCard, American Express, Visa, etc.

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Amounts Funded by Batch
For a glimpse at daily totals, look no further than the Amounts Funded by Batch section. Each batch appears next to the date it was closed with its total submitted amount (sales minus refunds).

A batch contains all transactions processed that day. A batch is not submitted if the business doesn’t have any sales or refunds that day.

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Fees & Interchange Charges

The last few pages of the statement spell out in detail the overall fees charged.

Interchange Details

This section breaks down the fees that were charged based on the interchange-plus pricing.

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Interchange Charges
ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed accounts use interchange-plus pricing. This page lays out the sales totals and interchange fees for each type of card.

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Year to Date Gross Sales
Check out a snapshot of the year’s gross sales at the bottom of the final statement page.

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Here, we address a few common questions that could arise during your AccessOne exploration.

Where do I log in?

The Access One portal can be accessed at

The portal can be accessed via this link only if you know your log in information. If this is the first time you are visiting the portal you must go via the link in your Welcome Email.

Where can I access reports older than 18 months?

Reports older than 18 months cannot be accessed online. Contact ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed Support to initiate a request for archived data. Be prepared for a turnaround time of at least 3 business days.

Which reports should I really pay attention to?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many reports available on AccessOne. Generally, the most important reports for you will be the Payment History, Batch History, Transaction Search, and Retrievals/Chargebacks.

Can all my ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed accounts be viewed under one login?

At this time, it is not possible to view multiple accounts on one login. Each of your ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed accounts will have separate AccessOne logins.

I enter the correct password, but I am locked out of my account and cannot sign in without resetting the password.

For security reasons, you are required to reset your password after 90 days. Reset the password, then sign in as usual.