Best Practices for BackOffice

BackOffice is the online portal where merchants manage their businesses in Lightspeed Retail. Follow our recommendations below to ensure the most reliable experience when signing in to and using BackOffice.

Table of Contents

Basic Best Practices

Begin here with our most basic best practices for accessing BackOffice for a Lightspeed Retail account.

  1. Visit our BackOffice Login and Overview article to learn how to sign in to and navigate BackOffice.
  2. Always sign in to BackOffice from a supported device and web browser.

    Unsupported devices and browsers may not be able to load some BackOffice features, such as the Item List, certain reports, and some settings and integrations.

  3. Update your web browser regularly.

    Updating helps maintain compatibility with BackOffice, installs new security patches, and keeps the browser running efficiently.

  4. For help with problems signing in to or using BackOffice, visit one of our troubleshooting guides.
  5. Use our status page to view updates on known BackOffice issues and scheduled maintenance.

Supported Devices and Web Browsers

We build new BackOffice features using the latest web browser technology. To ensure you can access and use BackOffice as intended, always sign in from one of the supported devices and browsers listed below.

  • BackOffice works best on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Using an iOS or Android device to access BackOffice reporting? Try our Lightspeed Pocket (S) mobile reporting app.
  • Some BackOffice features are designed to be used on a specific platform. For example, label printing is only available on computers.
  • BackOffice works best on the latest version of the Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers.
  • BackOffice also performs well on the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  • Browsers last updated before January 1, 2017, may not be able to load some BackOffice features, such as the Item List, certain reports, and some settings and integrations.
  • To maintain compatibility with BackOffice, update your web browser regularly.
  • Update Your Web Browser

    Update your web browser whenever a new version is released to make sure it is able to load the latest BackOffice features, receives the newest security updates, and keeps running efficiently. Follow the links below to learn how to update the most popular browsers for computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

    Computer Web Browsers

    For help updating computer web browsers not listed above, visit the support site for the browser.

    Tablet and Mobile Web Browsers

  • iOS – Update Safari
  • Safari can only be updated by updating iOS. Visit our Update iOS article for help.
  • iOS – Update Non-Safari Browsers
  • Third-party iOS web browsers, such as Chrome, must be updated from the App Store. Visit Apple support for help.
  • Android – Update All Web Browsers
  • Updating any Android web browser is done through the Google Play store. Visit Google Play support for help.