BackOffice Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is necessary work that requires us to deactivate parts of one or more BackOffice systems. It’s important to us that scheduled maintenance affects our merchants as little as possible, so we do our best to limit this work to times when the service is not heavily used.

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Why do we need to do this work?

Maintenance is essential to the performance and security of our software. Sometimes we can perform this maintenance without disabling BackOffice functionality, but there are times when it’s necessary to do so.

What does this mean for me?

Access to reporting, inventory management, and staff management is not available during maintenance. We recommend accessing the reports you need and making all necessary changes before the start time of any scheduled maintenance. You can monitor the status of the work and subscribe to email or text updates at

For the most part, the Retail POS (S-Series) app should work normally during scheduled BackOffice maintenance, but please note that two register functions requiring BackOffice access will not work during maintenance periods:

Initiating a return for a sale run in the current register shift or a past shift.

What to do: If the original sale was paid with credit, save the transaction number from the customer’s receipt and perform the return when the maintenance period is over. If the original sale was not paid with credit, you can do a manual return during the maintenance period with no issue.

Reprinting a receipt for a sale or return.

What to do: Once the maintenance is complete, you can find the receipt image in the BackOffice Transactions Report. You can then save and email the image to the customer.