This feature is available only for Lightspeed Retail merchants on select pricing packages.

MailChimp Integration Setup

Send automated marketing emails to all of your customers at once with Mailchimp. This integration automatically syncs your customers and their email addresses from Lightspeed Retail to your Mailchimp account.

Table of Contents

Sign Up for Mailchimp

Sign up for an account to start using Mailchimp. Users who already have a Mailchimp account can skip ahead to the Enable Mailchimp Integration section.

  1. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  2. Click 'Integrations', then 'Mailchimp'.
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  3. Click 'Sign Up'.
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  4. Enter your information and click 'Sign Up'.
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  5. Check your email for a message from Mailchimp and click 'Activate Account'.
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  6. Click 'I'm Not A Robot'.
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  7. Follow the prompts to select a Mailchimp plan, enter your business information, and finish Mailchimp account setup.
  8. Complete the steps below to enable Mailchimp integration.

Enable Mailchimp Integration

Once you have a Mailchimp account, link it to Lightspeed Retail to enable Mailchimp integration and begin automatically syncing your customer list from Lightspeed Retail.

  1. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  2. Click 'Integrations' and select 'Mailchimp'.
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  3. Click 'Login'.
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  4. Enter your Mailchimp username and password, then click 'Log In'.

    If you receive an error, visit our Mailchimp Integration Troubleshooting guide for help.

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  5. Click ‘Allow’ to enable Lightspeed Retail to access your Mailchimp account.
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  6. Select a Mailchimp audience to sync your Lightspeed Retail customers to and click 'Done'.

    A default audience is automatically created when you set up your Mailchimp account. To learn how to set up additional audiences, visit Mailchimp support.

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    That’s it, you’re all set. Customers will begin syncing to Mailchimp shortly.

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Need help using Mailchimp? Visit our Advanced Topics FAQ for links to some helpful resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about Mailchimp integration.

What customer information syncs to Mailchimp?

Customer names and email addresses sync from Lightspeed Retail to Mailchimp.

Where do I edit customer information?

Edit customer information in Lightspeed Retail, not in Mailchimp. Changes you make in Lightspeed Retail automatically sync over to Mailchimp. For help managing customers in Lightspeed Retail, visit our Manage Customers article.

Where do I delete customers?

Delete customers in Lightspeed Retail, not in Mailchimp. When you delete a customer in Lightspeed Retail, the integration automatically removes that customer from Mailchimp.

Will every customer I email a receipt to receive Mailchimp emails?

Yes. When you email a receipt to a new customer, they are automatically added to your customer list and their information syncs to Mailchimp.

How can a customer opt out of receiving my Mailchimp emails?

Customers can click unsubscribe in the footer of any Mailchimp email to elect not to receive future emails. You can also manually unsubscribe customers from within Mailchimp.

I’m having problems with Mailchimp Integration. Where can I get help?

Visit our Mailchimp Integration Troubleshooting article for help with some common issues.

If you have more questions about Mailchimp integration, visit our Advanced Topics FAQ.