AppCard and ShopKeep

Create loyal customers and bring in new faces by creating discounts and personalized offers using the AppCard loyalty program. Sign up for AppCard and link your Shopkeep account to track customer purchases as they earn and redeem rewards at the register.

Using ShopKeep Loyalty? Visit this article instead.

Table of Contents

AppCard Setup

Follow the setup steps to create an AppCard account and link it with ShopKeep. Once linked, customer purchases are tallied to earn reward points.

  1. Download 'AppCard for ShopKeep' from the App Store.
  2. Open AppCard, then tap 'New to AppCard?'.
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  3. Enter business information, then tap 'Submit Info'.
  4. Tap 'Ok' on the confirmation message.
  5. Wait for an email from AppCard with your activation code.

    The activation code will arrive via email within one business day.

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  6. In AppCard, tap 'Existing Merchants: Sign In'.
  7. Enter the activation code and tap 'Submit'.

    Toggle the switch ‘on’ to activate more than one register.

    You can now enroll / link customers and change settings.

  8. To update AppCard settings and set up your loyalty visit AppCard

    Log in to AppCard here.

AppCard Merchant Dashboard

Visit AppCard’s Merchant Dashboard for access to reporting, create custom offers and campaigns, track customers and more.

  1. Log into your AppCard account here.
  2. Use the dashboard to manage AppCard settings, such as creating offers and tracking customers. Visit AppCard Support to learn more about settings and creating offers.
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Customer Loyalty Points

As customers visit your store and make purchases, link ShopKeep transactions to AppCard to allow customers to accumulate points.

  1. In the ShopKeep Register app, add items to a sale.
  2. Open the AppCard app.
  3. Enter the customer's AppCard information, then tap 'OK'.

    For new customers, enter the customer’s mobile phone number to enroll. For existing customers, enter the customer’s mobile number to link the account.

  4. For new AppCard customers, make a selection on the prompt.

    Tap ‘Send SMS’ to send the customer a link to download AppCard. Tap ‘No SMS’ to skip this step.

  5. Tap 'ShopKeep' in the top left corner to return to the ShopKeep new sale screen.
  6. Tender the sale as usual and reward points will be assigned to the customer in AppCard.
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Redeem Rewards

When customers earn enough points for rewards you determined, use AppCard and ShopKeep to redeem their available rewards.

  1. In the AppCard app, enter the customer's phone number or card number, then tap 'OK'.
  2. Tap an option from the menu to see available rewards .
  3. Select an available reward, then tap 'Redeem'.
  4. Tap 'OK' to confirm.
  5. Tap 'OK' to redeem the reward in AppCard.

    Return to ShopKeep to apply the reward to a sale.

  6. Open the ShopKeep Register app.
  7. Start a new sale.
  8. Apply the appropriate discount to the sale and tender as usual.

    To track AppCard discounts, create custom discounts in ShopKeep to match the offers in AppCard. Run the Sales by Discount report in BackOffice to see how often these custom discounts are applied.

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Having issues with AppCard Loyalty? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help with common problems.