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Lightspeed Spotlight Troubleshooting

Let’s discuss some common issues associated with the Lightspeed Spotlight integration. If you haven’t set up your integration yet, visit our Getting Started with Lightspeed Spotlight and Lightspeed Spotlight: Advanced Topics guide to get started. If you’re running into issues, check out the handy solutions below.

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I updated a listing and it hasn’t published?

Listings can sometimes take 3-5 days to process. If the listing has been processing for less than five days, this indicates a normal timeline. If the listing has been processing for more than 5 days, please contact customer care to investigate the issue.

My listing is marked as “Unavailable”.

If your listing is marked as “Unavailable (Fix)”, the listing is unavailable because there is no linked account. Click ‘Fix’ to link the account. If your listing is marked as “Unavailable (Why?)”, click ‘Why?’ to view one of these reasons: “Existing advertiser relationship,” “Listing does not have an applicable category,” or “publisher does not support business type.” Follow the solutions below for each scenario.

    “Existing advertiser relationship” – reach out to the existing advertiser to disconnect from the listing
    “Listing does not have an applicable category” – add more categories to the Knowledge Manager or override categories for that particular site.
    “Publisher does not support business type” – certain businesses are not supported by every publisher. There is no action that can be taken.

After performing the scan, all I see is “X Listing Not Found” next to each listing.

This indicates that an account with the listing platform does not exist. Check on the listing site or platform that the believed listing is indeed associated with your business information and that the account is still active.

My Google My Business (GMB) account isn’t appearing as a listing.

In order for your Google My Business (GMB) listing to be created and updated via the integration, you must authorize and link your Google My Business account in the Yext platform. Then, your profile must be verified before the listing goes live. If you’re having trouble linking your account, check for the following things:

  1. The business owner, a partner, or an authorized GMB account manager is linking the account with the business’ Google account credentials.
  2. Make sure you’ve chosen the correct location associated with the GMB account when going through the setup and verification process.

    If you don’t have a location to choose from, click ‘New Location’ to create one.

  3. Add / Claim your business from the Google My Business Dashboard. Make sure you’ve selected a verification option for your business location.

    Verify by mail, phone, or instant verification (if available).

Check out the complete list of steps to linking your Google My Business account here.

There are a few scenarios where Google My Business could be unavailable within Lightspeed Spotlight. Follow the troubleshooting steps for the one that matches your situation.

Unavailable Reason: Please specify a Google My Business account id for this location.

  1. Opt out of the listing.
  2. Opt back into the listing so that it’s now in “Tasks Pending”.
  3. Select “Set Up” and follow the prompts in the dashboard to link the account and sync the listing.

Unavailable Reason: We had trouble authenticating your Google Account. Please relink or change the linked account for this location.

  1. Relink the account for this location.

Unavailable Reason: We are syncing your location information to Google My Business. However, until Google can verify your ownership of the location, your information will not be shown on Google’s sites, including Maps, Search, and Google+. For more information, visit the Google My Business Help Center.

  1. The GMB location has not been verified and therefore cannot go live.
  2. Follow GMB’s normal process to get the listing verified.
  3. Once the listing is verified, it will go live in the dashboard.

    This typically takes about 24 hours.

Unavailable Reason: The publisher has identified this location as a duplicate. As such, only one instance of the duplicate will be displayed while the other will be rejected. To learn more about duplicates, visit the Google My Business Help Center.

  1. This unavailable reason means that there is an existing, verified Google My Business listing already.
  2. Check that another e-mail address isn’t being used as the login for the verified listing.
  3. If the verified listing is not managed by you or associated with your business, follow Google’s steps to request access/ownership to the verified listing.

Unavailable Reason: Google is unable to accurately pin the map marker for the specified address. Please log in to Google My Business and re-position the map marker for this business to verify its location. Due to this error, we are currently unable to sync address data to Google My Business, but all other content is synced as expected.

  1. Log into the linked GMB account and re-position the map marker in the dashboard.
  2. Once the task is completed, the listing will go live in the dashboard within 24 hours.

If you have more questions about Lightspeed Spotlight, check out our FAQ article for answers to the most frequently asked Lightspeed Spotlight questions.