BOSSTAB Universal Tablet Stand Troubleshooting

For help resolving issues related to the BOSSTAB Universal Tablet Stand, look no further than this guide. If you are setting up the stand for the first time, visit our setup article.

Need help with the ShopKeep iPad Stand or Freeform iPad Stand instead? Visit one of the articles listed below. If you are not sure which stand you have, view a photo of each here.

Table of Contents

I lost the Allen or Torx wrench that came with my stand.

Visit a local hardware store to purchase a replacement 3mm Allen wrench or T20 Torx security wrench.

My tablet charging cable is too short to reach a power outlet.

To lengthen the reach of the charging cable, purchase an extension cable from an electronics store.

I need to remove the adhesive strips from my tablet.

Remove the adhesive strips from the tablet to detach it from the metal installation bracket.

  1. Remove the tablet from the stand.
  2. Grip the tab attached to an adhesive strip as close to the strip itself as possible.

    Readjust your grip as needed while performing the next 2 steps to avoid breaking the tab.

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  3. Slowly pull the tab away from the strip at a parallel angle.

    Do not pull the tab at a 90° angle to the strip as this may cause damage to the tablet.

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  4. Continue pulling the tab until the adhesive releases from the tablet.
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each remaining adhesive strip.

I need to unmount the stand adhesive from my countertop.

Unmounting the stand adhesive from a countertop requires the following materials, which are not included with the stand: an oscillating tool, isopropyl alcohol, and 3M adhesive remover.

  1. Follow the steps in the 3M support video here to unmount the stand.

I need more adhesive to reinstall my tablet or remount the stand.

Reattaching your tablet to the metal bracket requires 3M Command strips, and remounting the stand requires 3M VHB adhesive tape. Both materials are available at most office supply stores.