BackOffice Settings Troubleshooting

This guide covers issues related to the Settings section of BackOffice. From help with linking multiple locations to syncing any changes made in BackOffice to the Register app, we’re here to help you find solutions.

Table of Contents

General Settings Issues

In this section, learn how to resolve common problems that apply to all BackOffice settings.

Some settings are missing from the menu.

Some settings and features are only accessible to the Business Owner. If settings or features are missing or inaccessible, it means you are signed in as a BackOffice Manager, Receive Inventory User, or employee without the relevant missing permissions and not as the Business Owner. Follow the steps below to sign out of BackOffice and log in as the Business Owner.

  1. Click the arrow in the upper right and select 'Logout'.
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  2. Enter the email and password of the Business Owner or an employee with the relevant permissions.

    The Business Owner email address is the email originally used to set up the account.

  3. Click 'Log in'.
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    To learn more about employee privileges in BackOffice, visit our Manage Staff article.
  4. (Optional) Edit BackOffice permissions for employees from the Staff List to change which areas of BackOffice they can access.

I changed some settings, but the changes did not affect my register.

After adjusting a BackOffice setting that impacts the register, you must get updates on the register to sync those changes to the register.

  1. At the register, select 'Get Updates from BackOffice' on the Main Menu and tap ‘Get Updates’.

    If using the ShopKeep Register for Android, tap ‘Get BackOffice Updates’ on the register menu to update the register.

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Store Settings Issues

This section shows you how to solve issues related to the Store Settings section.

I can't find the setting that lets customers sign and tip on the same screen.

The ‘Combine tip options and signature on the same screen’ setting only appears when certain conditions are met. Follow the steps below to figure out why this feature is missing from Receipt and Tip Settings.

This setting is only available for the iOS ShopKeep Register app when EMV payments are disabled.

  1. In Receipt and Tip Settings, check that ‘Signature’ is set to ‘On screen’ and ‘Tips’ is enabled.
    • If not set to accept tips and signatures on screen, the same screen setting will not appear.
    • Visit our Tips and Gratuity article to learn how to check tip and gratuity settings.

Prices do not appear on labels I print from BackOffice.

Just change one setting to enable the item price to print on BackOffice labels.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Settings' and select 'Label Printing'.
  2. Toggle on 'Print Price', then click 'Save'.
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How do I change the BackOffice time zone setting?

The time zone setting affects the timestamps on transactions and time clock punches in BackOffice reporting. If you suspect the BackOffice time zone is set incorrectly, follow the steps below to fix it.

  1. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  2. Click ‘Settings’, then ‘Locations’.
  3. Select a location.
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  4. Select the location’s time zone from the drop-down.
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  5. Click 'Save'.

    If timestamps on reporting are incorrect after setting the BackOffice time zone, make sure each register’s date and time is correct. Learn how to check the register’s date and time setting here.

"We couldn't find a store with that name"

If you see this error when linking locations, it means that the ‘Store Name’ is spelled wrong. Double-check the spelling and make sure it is entered lowercase and as one word.

"Email or password incorrect"

If you get this error when linking locations, make sure you are entering the Business Owner login for the store you want to link. The password is case-sensitive, so upper and lowercase letters do make a difference. To learn how to reset the password, visit our BackOffice Settings & Password article.

"Sorry. There's been an error linking your stores"

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem. After each step, check to see if the issue was resolved.

  1. Check your internet connection and refresh the page.
  2. Log out of BackOffice and log back in.
  3. If the issue persists, contact Customer Care by submitting a case here.

    Or click the ‘Help’ link in BackOffice to view all available contact options.

“We’re unable to copy inventory because there are duplicate items.”

This error appears when automatically copying inventory to a new linked store if the existing store has multiple items, departments, categories, or suppliers with the same name. Since names are not case-sensitive, each must be spelled differently. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Review what types of duplicates exist and how many there are of each.
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  2. Either fix all duplicates to be able to copy inventory to the new store (2a) or create the store without copying inventory (2b).
    a To fix the duplicates, click a type of duplicate to go to the relevant BackOffice page, then skip to step 3.
    Items link to the Item List, departments and categories link to the Departments & Categories page, and suppliers link to the Supplier List.
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    b To create the store without copying inventory, click ‘Skip Inventory’, then skip the rest of this section.
    After the store is created, inventory can only be copied manually.
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  3. Fix items with duplicate names if necessary.

    If no duplicate items exist, skip to step 4.

    a From the Item List, click to sort by the ‘Item’ column.
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    b Look for a group of two or more items with the same name.
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    c Either rename or delete items from step 3b so the item name is no longer duplicated.
    • To rename an item: click the item to edit it, enter a new name, and select a save option to save.
    Renaming an item will change its name in all historical sales reporting.
    • To delete an item: click the item to edit it, then click ‘Delete’ and ‘Continue’ to confirm the deletion.
    If a deleted item is re-added later, labels printed for the original item must be re-printed. Deleted items appear on sales reports, but not on some other reports. Visit the Inventory FAQ to learn which reports are not supported.

    d Repeat steps 3a – 3c until all items have unique names.
  4. Fix departments and categories with duplicate names if necessary.

    If no duplicate departments or categories exist, skip to step 5.

    a From the Departments & Categories page, look for a group of two or more departments or categories with the same name.
    Only categories within a single department need unique names. Categories in separate departments can have the same name.
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    b Delete departments and categories from step 4a so the department or category name is no longer duplicated.
    • To delete an empty department or category: click ‘Delete’, then ‘Yes’ to confirm the deletion.
    If a department or category contains items, first follow the steps here to reassign the items to a different department or category.

    c Repeat steps 4a and 4b until all departments and categories have unique names.
  5. Fix suppliers with duplicate names if necessary.

    If no duplicate suppliers exist, skip to step 6.

    a From the Supplier List, look for a group of two or more suppliers with the same name.
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    b Either rename or delete suppliers from step 5a so the supplier name is no longer duplicated.
    • To rename a supplier: click ‘Edit’, then enter a new name and click ‘Continue’ to save.
    Renaming a supplier will change its name in all historical reporting.
    • To delete a supplier: click ‘Edit’, then click ‘Delete supplier’ and ‘Delete’ to confirm the deletion.
    If a supplier has items assigned to it, deleting it will automatically unassign the items. Follow the steps here to assign the items to a new supplier.

    c Repeat steps 5a and 5b until all suppliers have unique names.
  6. Get updates on the iOS or Android register to sync the changes.

“Adding location failed”

This error appears when adding a new linked location if the existing location contains duplicate suppliers. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. From the Supplier List, locate and delete any duplicate suppliers.
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  2. Assign items associated with the deleted supplier to a supplier.
    a Export stock items, then locate items on the export with ‘not tracked’ in the ‘Suppliers’ column.
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    b Assign the items to a relevant supplier.
  3. Create the new location again.

Register Settings Issues

This section covers issues related to settings available in the Register Settings section.

My account has too many or too few register licenses.

Register licenses tie the ShopKeep Register app to BackOffice and affect billing rates. If you have too many or too few licenses, remove licenses from or add them to your account.

  1. Follow the steps here to add or remove register licenses.