Points of Contact

Find out exactly who to contact if you need help signing up for ShopKeep, want training on how to use the system, or run into issues with the register or BackOffice.

Please note that training and support is only available in English.

Table of Contents

Account Executive

An Account Executive gives you a personal introduction to ShopKeep to help you get started. That includes a demo of our software, signup help, and tips for selecting the best hardware for your business.

Contact your Account Executive for help with:

  • Signing up for ShopKeep
  • Signing up for Credit Card Processing
  • Hardware Recommendations and Purchases
  • Need quick answers to questions about your account, billing, and how ShopKeep works? Visit our FAQ.

    Training & Onboarding Team

    If your account includes training time, you can set up a prescheduled session with an Onboarding Specialist for help learning how best to use ShopKeep at your business and for assistance setting up. The Onboarding team covers in-depth topics, such as BackOffice and ShopKeep hardware setup, so come with specific inventory, hardware, or advanced questions. If you do not have training time available, contact us to purchase sessions.

    Before scheduling a training session, review the articles on our Getting Started page to be able to focus on advanced topics during training.

    Contact the Training & Onboarding team for help with:

  • BackOffice Training
  • Register Training
  • Hardware Setup
  • If you have questions about setting up your account, inventory, or hardware, visit our Setup FAQ.

    How to Schedule a Training Session

    Training sessions are available Monday – Friday and can be scheduled up to two weeks ahead of time. To learn how to schedule a training session, follow the steps below.

    1. Click the link found in your email.
    2. Select 'Back End' or 'Front End' training.
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    3. Select a date and time, then click 'Continue'.
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    4. Enter your contact information and click 'Submit' to confirm the appointment.
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    Customer Care

    Contact Customer Care for help resolving urgent issues that affect your ability to run the business.

    Before contacting Customer Care, visit one of our troubleshooting guides or FAQs for help. These provide the fastest solutions to most common problems and questions.

    Contact Customer Care for help with:

  • Urgent Hardware and Software Issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Contact Customer Care

    To contact Customer Care, click the Help link in BackOffice to see all available contact options or submit a case here. If prompted, provide your Location Code when contacting Customer Care.

    Find Your Location Code in BackOffice

    Location Codes allow our Customer Care advisors to quickly identify your account. If asked for your Location Code, find it in BackOffice.

    Don’t have access to BackOffice? Continue to the next section to find the location code on the register.

    1. In BackOffice, click ‘Help’.
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    2. Locate the 6-digit ‘Location Code’ under the support search bar.
    Find Your Location Code on the Register

    If you are not able to access BackOffice, find your location code at the register. Location Codes allow our Customer Care advisors to quickly identify your account when you contact us.

    1. On the register, open the Main Menu and tap 'System Diagnostics'.

      Don’t see ‘System Diagnostics’? Tap ‘Overview’.

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    2. Locate the 6-digit ‘Location Code’.

      The Location Code can also be found on every error message.

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