Marketing Dashboard

Use the Marketing Dashboard to identify high-value customers and optimize the marketing strategy for your business. Track the number of customers and emails added to Lightspeed Retail, view who stops by most frequently, see who spends the most, and check how often customers interact with social media links in email receipts.

Table of Contents

Run the Dashboard

From BackOffice, run the Marketing Dashboard for an overview of customer growth and email receipt interaction over a specific time period.

  1. In BackOffice, click ‘Marketing’ and select ‘Marketing Dashboard’.
  2. Click the date icon to choose a preset or custom range, then click ‘Retrieve’.
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Read the Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard summarizes customer engagement with your business over a selected date range. Whether looking for the quantity of new customers added in a day or the number of times customers clicked links in email receipts, it can all be found here.

Customer Growth

The Customer Growth section provides a snapshot of the growth of your customer list and identifies top customers by number of visits and purchase amounts.

For information to appear in this section, cashiers must add customers and tag them to sales. Visit the Manage Customers article for help adding and tagging customers at the register.

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Total New Customers Added | Number of new customers added at the register and in BackOffice.
Total New Emails Added | Number of email addresses added to new and existing customers.
Transactions Assigned to Customers | Percentage of sales tagged to a customer.
Top Customers by Visits | Customers ranked by number of sales they were tagged to. Customer names reflect what is currently entered in BackOffice for each customer.
Top Customers by Purchases | Customers ranked by total sales amount (includes discounts but not tax). Customer names reflect what is currently entered in BackOffice for each customer.
To learn how to view the items each customer purchased, visit our Sales by Customer article.

Email Receipt Interaction

This section includes details on email receipt usage, such as the total number of times receipts were emailed and how often customers clicked the links inside.

For information to appear in this section, you must add social media links to your email receipt and send email receipts at the register. Visit our Email Receipts article for help with receipt setup.

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Total Emailed Receipts | Number of times receipts were emailed to customers for sales and returns.
Total Social Media Clicks | Number of times customers clicked the social media links in email receipts.
Clickthrough Breakdown | Count and percentage of Total Social Media Clicks by individual website.

Questions about customer management and the Marketing Dashboard? Visit our BackOffice FAQ.