Processing a refund with Lightspeed Payments

Once your Lightspeed Payments has been set up, you can process refunds using Lightspeed Payments. The procedure for refunds depends on the type of payment you received and the amount of information you have to complete the refund.

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Refunding with card present or card not present

If the card used on the original purchase was a credit, debit, or non-Interac (Canada only) card type, the refund will be processed automatically and will not require a card to be presented to the payment terminal.

If the card used on the original purchase was an Interac (Canada only) card type, ensure the same card is present for the refund. If the same card is not present, you will need to process the refund using a different payment type.

Processing a refund with Lightspeed Payments

  1. In the Main Menu under Transactions, click Sales History.
  2. Search for the transaction to be refunded.
  3. Next to the transaction, click the three dots > Begin Return.

    Begin return dropdown item.

  4. Click Credit.

    Credit button.

  5. Confirm the item(s) and amount to return, select a receipt type, then click Authorize.

    Authorize refund.

  6. Follow the prompts on the payment terminal. After the return has been authorized, click Done.

    Finish the process by tapping the Done button.

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