Processing payments with Lightspeed Payments

Once you have setup your Lightspeed Payments hardware and configured your Retail POS settings, you can now process sales using Lightspeed Payments.

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Important: A minimum payment amount of $0.50 in local currency (US, Canada, and Australia) or £0.30 (UK) applies to all transactions.

Processing a regular sale

  1. Create a sale as per your regular workflow, then click Credit.

    Sales flow, Credit button.

  2. When presented with your payment options, select Lightspeed Payments (or the name you chose during setup).
  3. Retail POS will connect to your payment terminal and allow your customer to pay for their transaction using the available payment options.
  4. After the payment has been processed, the customer will have the option to receive a receipt via email or text message or you can print a receipt.

Processing a Card Not Present sale

You may wish to take card payments when the customer’s card is not present, such as over the phone. To achieve this, Retail POS with Lightspeed Payments offers a Card Not Present payment flow.

  1. Create a sale as per your regular workflow, then click Credit.
  2. On the Credit Transaction page, click Manual Card Entry.

    Manual Card Entry button.

  3. In the Manual card entry modal, enter the Name on card and ZIP code.

    Manual card entry modal with Name on card and ZIP code fields.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter the card details.
  6. Once the card information has been entered and confirmed with the customer, click Take Payment.

    Enter card details modal with Take Payment button.

The payment will process and show the confirmation screen. From here, finish the sale as per your regular workflow.

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