Being a Beta Tester

Beta testers try out new BackOffice features, new register features, new Pocket features and new hardware before their release to help improve Lightspeed Retail. Learn what beta testers do, how they submit feedback, and terms that all testers should know.

To apply to become a beta tester, visit our Beta Enrollment page. For help installing Lightspeed Retail POS (S-Series) Beta, visit our Lightspeed Retail POS (S-Series) Beta article.

Table of Contents

What Beta Testers Do

Your job as a beta tester is simple: use Lightspeed Retail normally and incorporate any features being tested into your workflow. Tell us about your experiences, any problems you encounter, and what you think about the new features.

Tell Us About It

As you begin testing, contact us with as much detail as possible about your experience. Did a feature improve your workflow? Is it intuitive? Did you run into any crashes or bugs? Do you have any other feedback?

Send feedback to [email protected]. In your email, include:

  • Your Lightspeed Retail store name.
  • If on an iOS device, the iOS version and the Register or Pocket version.
  • If on an Android device, the Android version and Pocket version.
  • Register number, if applicable.
  • Find this on the register’s sign in screen or in BackOffice on the Register Licenses page.
  • If you encountered a problem, on which screen or page did it occur?
  • Include the exact steps you took before the problem occurred.
  • If possible, capture a screenshot of the problem and attach it to the email.
  • Any general feedback on the ease of use and functionality of the features being tested.
  • Still not sure what to write? Click here to view a sample Lightspeed Retail POS (S-Series) Beta feedback email.

    Terms to Know

    Get acquainted with the terms below and use them in your feedback to describe your experience with Lightspeed Retail POS (S-Series) Beta.

    App Version | Current build of the Retail POS (S-Series) app being tested.
    Visit our Best Practices guide to learn how to check the Retail POS (S-Series) app or Lightspeed Pocket app version.

    Beta | Version of software in the final stages of development. The Lightspeed Retail POS (S-Series) Beta appears on the home screen as ‘Retail (S) β’ and the Lightspeed Pocket Beta appears as ‘Pocket β’.

    Crash | Sudden failure of a Lightspeed Retail app resulting in a return to the home screen.

    Crash Loop | When a Lightspeed Retail app continues to crash after it is reopened.

    Force Quit / Force Stop | A method of forcibly closing an unresponsive app.
    Visit our troubleshooting guide to learn how to force quit an iOS app or visit Google support to learn how to force stop an Android app.

    Frozen | When an app is stuck on one screen and does not respond.

    Hard Reset | Holding a combination of buttons to force a device to shut off and reboot. Avoid performing a hard reset unless absolutely necessary.
    Visit Apple support to learn how to perform a hard reset on an iOS device or visit Google support to learn how to do so on an Android device.

    Refresh | To reload or reopen a screen or page.

    Screenshot | An image capture of a device’s screen.
    Visit Apple support to learn how to take a screenshot on an iOS device or visit Google support to learn how to do so on an Android device.