This feature is only available for Lightspeed Retail merchants on select pricing packages.

BigCommerce Troubleshooting

If you run into any issues while setting up your eCommerce integration, follow this guide to find a solution to get yourself back on track.

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"This feature has not been enabled on your ShopKeep account".

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This error appears while installing the ShopKeep app in BigCommerce if your current Lightspeed Retail plan doesn’t include the eCommerce integration add-on.

  1. Click the 'Learn how to add this feature to your subscription' link to be taken to BackOffice.
  2. On the BigCommerce integration page, click 'Chat with us to get started."

    A Customer Care Advisor will assist you with adding the integration to your plan.

  3. After your plan has been updated, get set up by following the steps on our BigCommerce Setup guide.

Some items in BackOffice are not in sync. Can I re-sync them?

Items can go out of sync if item details are adjusted in BigCommerce or the internet connection is not strong enough when running a sale at the register, causing the quantity on hand to not update properly. Follow the steps below to restore your online-enabled items to the latest Lightspeed Retail data.

  1. In BackOffice, click ‘Integrations’, then ‘BigCommerce’.
  2. Click the arrow, then 'Manual sync'.
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  3. Select the specific items you'd like to resync or click "re-sync all items".

    Search by Item, not by variant. Only items that are enabled for online sale will show up when searched for.

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  4. Check the progress of your request by clicking the link or click 'Done'.

    Find the Sync History by clicking the arrow and selecting ‘Sync History’ on the eCommerce page.

  5. A green checkmark indicates the Manual Sync is successfully complete.
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My quantity counts in BigCommerce are not the same as the current quantities in BackOffice.

Re-syncing items will refresh the latest quantity counts and item details found in Lightspeed Retail.

Follow the steps above to re-sync your items.

Error Received: "Access Denied".

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You’ve probably received this error because you have not logged in with the Account / Business owner credentials. Try logging in with your Lightspeed Retail account’s business owner email and password.

  1. Re-enter your store name all lower-case with no spaces.
  2. Re-enter the account owner email address.
  3. Re-enter your case-sensitive password.

"We are working on our site right now..."

When attempting to run the ShopKeep app in BigCommerce, this error can occur if you are not logged into BackOffice or if you’re not logged in with the Business Owner Email. Log into BackOffice with the Business Owner credentials.

In BigCommerce, I’m receiving a linking error.

This error occurs when the Lightspeed Retail location you’re trying to link was previously disconnected. Uninstall and reinstall the ShopKeep app within BigCommerce to fix the connection status.
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  1. Log in to BigCommerce and select 'Apps' from the menu.
  2. Click 'My Apps'.
  3. Click 'Uninstall' for the ShopKeep app.
  4. Click 'Marketplace', then ''.
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  5. Search for 'ShopKeep', then click on the ShopKeep app.
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  6. Click 'Get this App' on the ShopKeep app installation page.
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  7. Select 'Login'.
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  8. Click 'Install', then follow the prompts to install the app.
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  9. Click 'Reconnect' to re-establish the connection with your Lightspeed Retail account.
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I'm receiving a linking error in BackOffice.

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This error can occur when a location’s connection has been disconnected or deleted in BigCommerce.

Follow the steps above to uninstall and reinstall the ShopKeep app in BigCommerce. This will allow you to re-establish your connection.

I’ve manually updated the quantity on hand of an item in BigCommerce, but it isn’t syncing in Lightspeed Retail.

Manually adjusting the quantity on hand in BigCommerce will not adjust the quantity in Lightspeed Retail. You should only adjust the quantity on hand of an item in Lightspeed Retail.

I uninstalled the ShopKeep app in BigCommerce. How can I reinstall it to restore the connection?

Follow the steps here to reinstall a previous connection.

I permanently deleted the ShopKeep app in BigCommerce. Can I restore the connection?

No, you cannot restore the connection. You can create a new connection for the same location, but you may want to delete previously synced products from BigCommerce in order to avoid potentially duplicating products in your webstore.

"Invalid Field(s): inventory_level".

This error indicates the inventory is not a whole number, the quantity is 0, or below 0, in Lightspeed Retail. Simply adjust the item’s quantity to above 0 in the Item List.

"Unable to load data".

This error shows up in BackOffice when there is an issue with the BigCommerce account. This could be because of an expired trial or a past-due/suspended BigCommerce account. Check your account status by contacting BigCommerce Support.

I want to connect a different BigCommerce account to my Lightspeed Retail account.

Disconnect your existing BigCommerce account from Lightspeed Retail in order to connect a different BigCommerce account to your Lightspeed Retail store.

If you disconnect and reconnect the same BigCommerce account, you may need to delete previously synced products from your BigCommerce store to avoid potentially duplicating products.

  1. In BackOffice, click ‘Integrations’, then ‘BigCommerce’.
  2. Click the arrow, then ‘Disconnect store’.
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  3. Review the warning and click ‘OK’.
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  4. Click ‘Sign in’ to connect to a different BigCommerce account.
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