Many of you may be wondering how ShopKeep POS is doing given Hurricane Sandy hit New York City pretty badly this week. Our offices are located in Lower Manhattan in the heart of the Financial District, which was severely impacted as you can see from the picture of a garage only blocks away. We may not be able to return for days.

Unlike many of the large corporations we work alongside of in Downtown NYC, ShopKeep POS systems are completely cloud-based. Because of this, we have experienced no data loss or interruption of our business despite the treacherous storm. Our employees are working right from their homes if they have power or gathering at local wifi cafes.

We also want to give a shout out to our incredibly resourceful customer care team. Despite a skeletal crew, they have been tireless in their efforts to answer calls throughout the storm.

Lastly, our hearts go out to all of our merchants who were impacted by the treachery of Sandy. Fortunately, they don’t have to worry about fishing out servers from knee deep waters or losing vital business data because they are using our cloud-based iPad POS system. That said, many will need to deal with significant clean up efforts, logistical challenges, loss of inventory and business.

If your store has been impacted by the hurricane, share your story and let us know how we can help or just tell us you are ok!

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming is an email marketing expert, fluent in all email marketing initiatives including strategy, development, analysis, and execution. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with growing retailers and the merchant community.